Founder Warren had a passion for rum and began distilling in his backyard with friends, using an 80-liter still from Spain. He released his first batch of premium rum in 2016, and two years later, Simon and Carla joined the team from Melbourne.

2017 - 2021


Our journey first started at Rockhampton's iconic Saleyards Hotel. Operating as the Saleyards Distillery, we crafted Capricorn Spiced Rum and Billy Goats Gin, named after the goat racing that the area was once famous for.

2021 - present


Due to the growing number of barrels, we moved and opened our new cellar door in Burleigh Heads in 2021, offering a bar, cocktails, free tastings, and tours. We take pride in producing award-winning spirits using only the finest local ingredients, free of added sugars, colours, and artificial flavors.


Our copper pot still, "Burleigh", is a traditional British-style single retort still that crafts one batch at a time, providing greater control over the flavors of our spirits, including some of our gins and exotic rums.

Our bespoke still, "Rocky", made in NSW, is inspired by Jamaican and Bajan styles and is the only one of its kind in Australia. Specifically designed for rum-making, it produces rich and heavy flavors that cannot be found in other spirits.


Aging spirits in barrels involves two processes: extraction and oxidation. Extraction refers to the transfer of substances like tannins and sugars from the barrel's wood to the liquid. Oxidation, on the other hand, is the interaction of oxygen with the liquid, which softens the sharpness and results in a smoother spirit.

We use a combination of new American oak, ex-bourbon, American oak shiraz, and French oak shiraz for our barrels. The new American oak imparts sweetness and color, while the ex shiraz barrels provide tannins and dryness.


Sustainability is a crucial aspect of our distillation process. Our team recognizes the environmental impact of our industry, and that's why we prioritise sustainability throughout our distillation and production process. We remain dedicated to learning and adopting new methods to enhance the efficiency of our distillery and minimise our carbon footprint. We cherish the tropical climate and way of life in Queensland and strive to preserve it for future generations by making sustainability a priority.


As we appreciate the tropical climate and lifestyle of Queensland, we strive to preserve the environment for future generations. We continuously seek ways to improve our distillery's efficiency and minimize our impact.

The Queensland region boasts a perfect climate for growing top-notch sugarcane, accounting for over 95% of Australia's sugar production. As the country's second largest export crop, there is a substantial amount of by-product that is suitable for high-quality rum production. This is what drives our passion for rum-making: we see it as an opportunity to turn an environmental challenge into a delicious solution.