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Pure Single Rum - Limited Release 3

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We think this 3rd release of our Capricorn Pure Single aged rum is a little bit special and delicious through every sip. 

Starting with molasses from the Wide Bay region of Queensland and fermented over 7 days in the warm heat of Rockhampton. The fermentation ran hot and steady and produced some amazing tropical notes in the wash. 

A total of 5,000 litres was double distilled on our 1,000L copper pot still, leaving us with 2 casks full of fresh new make rum. The first cask is an ex-bourbon barrel from Jack Daniels and the second cask is a Pedro Ximenez cask from Spain. 

The barrels rested for two years in Rockhampton and were then brought to Burleigh Heads to lay for a further 2 years. After ageing, the casks were blended together in equal proportions and a touch of filtered water was added to soften the rum down to 48% alcohol by volume.  

The rum is presented as a beautiful dark amber and has long legs in the glass. On the nose, it has all the hallmarks of a pot-distilled rum, lush tropical fruits come through prominently, with all that rum goodness wrapped in a blanket of sweet muscatel raisins, caramel and plums coming from the PX casks influence.

The palate concentrates the same notes, with an even balance of rum notes along with the PX cask influence. 

There are no added sugars, sweeteners, caramels, colourings or artificial flavours.

Molasses: Maryborough Sugar Mill
Fermentation: 7 days with commercial yeast
Distillation: Double distilled in our single retort 1,000L copper pot still
Distilled: 18.2.2019
Bottled: 10.8.2023 
ABV: 48%

Pickup available at Burleigh Heads - Distillery & Head Office

Usually ready in 24 hours

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