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Capricorn Distilling Co

Strawberry Gin Soda & Lime - 4 Pack Cans 330mL

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Capricorn Strawberry Gin and Soda embodies authenticity, crafted with our limited release Strawberry Gin, combined with a twist of fresh lime and topped with soda. Ideal for a refreshing, light and easy-drinking premix, with minimal sweetness, making it a perfect session-able beverage. 

Pack Size: 1 x 4 pack $25.00 
Alcohol Content:  4%
Volume: 330ml per can

Pickup available at Burleigh Heads - Distillery & Head Office

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Product information

Capricorn Strawberry Gin and Soda – Refreshing & Ready to Drink

Step into a world of delicate flavours with Capricorn Strawberry Gin and Soda, where every can captures the essence of freshly picked strawberries blended seamlessly with the zesty zing of lime and the crispness of soda.

Introducing Capricorn Strawberry Gin and Soda

Pure Refreshment Redefined

Our limited release Strawberry Gin forms the heart of this exquisite premix, offering a unique sipping experience that's authentically refreshing and effortlessly light.

A Burst of Berries and Citrus

Indulge in the vibrant fusion of flavors with Capricorn Distilling's Strawberry Gin Soda Lime. This exquisite blend combines the sweet essence of ripe strawberries with the crisp, refreshing notes of lime, all enhanced by our smooth gin. Each 330ml can is crafted to deliver a deliciously balanced drink that's perfect for any time of day. Whether you're enjoying a sunny afternoon or a relaxing evening, this limited-release spirit offers a delightful and sophisticated refreshment. Treat yourself to this 4-pack and savor the harmonious blend of berries and citrus in every sip.