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Pure Single Rum - Limited Release 2

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This second release of our Capricorn Pure Single straight-aged rum, has been on a journey and we think you can taste that in every sip.

Starting with molasses from the Wide Bay area and fermented in Rockhampton, QLD over a 10-day period. Fermenting in the beautiful winter weather that Central Queensland is renowned for, producing lots of tropical fruit notes during this period.

Double distilled in our pot still and then initially matured in Rockhampton in 300L ex shiraz french oak hogsheads for 2 years. We then transferred the rum into a new 200L American Oak barrel for a further 2.5 years during which we also transported the barrel down to Burleigh Heads.

With an initial hit of oak and allspice on the nose, it drifts to tropical fruits over time. The palate concentrates those same flavours and adds some sweetness of vanilla and caramel with a background of rose.

During the ageing period, evaporation was a whopping 30% and another 20% was lost to evaporation over its 2.5 years in the American Oak. This has left us with 155 litres of beautiful rum. Literally, 221 bottles only!

There are no added sugars, sweeteners, caramels, colourings or artificial flavours.

Molasses: Maryborough Sugar Mill, QLD

Water: Fitzroy River, QLD

Fermentation: 10 days with commercial yeast

Distillation: Double distilled in our single retort 1000L copper pot still.

Distilled on: 8.6.2018

Bottled on: 8.11.22

ABV: 56%

Bottles: Limited release – 221 bottles only

Pickup currently unavailable at Burleigh Heads - Distillery & Head Office

Product information


A smooth and complex spirit with unique characteristics reflective of the Rockhampton terroir and distillation methods.



" The spirit has a well-balanced and harmonious taste that lingers on the palate, making it a perfect choice for sipping neat or mixing into cocktails."